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No Comments » September 2011

DIY Portable 12 Volt Power Pack

Finding a dependable and affordable power source on the go Isn’t always an easy thing to do. That’s why we decided to build one after checking out the pre-built options available. The intended purpose is to power a few under water fishing LED lights and above ground LED spotlights. We will mostly likely be using this to provide power to our camera crane in the near future. Images of project follow the post.

Currently Finished Power Supply

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No Comments » April 2011

Agfa Isolette 1 Tricks

This post is going to cover a few tricks and mods we’ve done to the Agfa Isolette 1 / I that we use on shoots. Included are: actual measured shutter speeds, a sticky shutter trigger trick, using a flash, and a quick as well as cheap way to fix leaky bellows.

JCPenney Automatic Electronic Strobe

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No Comments » April 2010

Polaroid J66 to J610 120 Fully Manual Camera

This article covers the conversion of a Polaroid J66 we picked up at a local flea market into the J610. First was a conversion to use 120 medium format roll film followed by a full manual conversion. All of the research found online says you can’t make the J66 or J33 into a manual camera, but that’s not true at all.

J610: A Polaroid J66 120 Full Manual Conversion

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11 Comments » April 2010

Coppermine Batch Upload Tutorial

This article covers creation of albums, ftp uploads, and batch the bath add process for Coppermine Photo Gallery. Your experience may vary if you’re not one of my clients.

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No Comments » February 2010

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